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2009 CVO Hood River Get-together
4-18 JUL 2009
To and from the Hood!
Anne and I started out just before 6pm on 2 Jul in the truck with the bike stored securely in the
trailer....we met Steve (a little late) at the Masspike rest area near 495.  We loaded his bike up and
headed west.  We travelled the Mass pike all the way west, then the NYS Thruway all the way west to
Erie and continued through Cleveland as Dawn broke.  We kept going west through the rest of Ohio into
Indiana and Illinois.  While travelling through Iowa, we did stop at the Hawkeye dealer for a break and a
shirt of course.  We continued west through Omaha and decided to call it a night around 7pm on 3 Jul in
Lincoln, NE after 26 hours of driving stopping only for diesel.  We left Lincoln in the morning and
continued west to Colorado...we stopped at the Greely dealer for a break and to check out their open
house.  From there we continued to Loveland where we checked into the new Embassy suites.  We
walked over to Thunder MT HD where the skies opened up and the rain fell hard...being tough bikers
we called the hotel to send their shuttle to pick us up.  We then climbed into the truck and drove to
Craig's (TALON) house where he was great enough to let us leave the truck and trailer for a couple of
weeks.  We stayed there for several hours enjoying their tasty food and Beer!  While there the rain
started again and we considered leaving the trailer and taking the truck back to the hotel but the rain let
up just before sundown allowing us to ride back to the hotel for the night.  In the morning, we met Craig
at 0800 since he and a couple of friends were joining us for the Ride through Rocky MT NP.  Following
Craig and friends through the canyon leading to Rocky Mountain National Park:
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We cruised through Steamboat springs and ended the night in Vernal, UT.  In the morning, we headed
north passing through Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  Stopped at the Flaming Gorge
Dam...seems like we find a Dam every trip lately...Grand Coulee in (Nelson) 2007, Hoover (Sedona)
2008, and Cheoah in the Maggie Valley trips.  We continued north stopping at the Rock Springs HD
shop and then up to Jackson Hole.  
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The next morning we headed north past through the Grand Teton National Park...Yellowstone National
Park is still recovering from where the damage from the major fire nearly 20 years ago.  We then
continued west on the Northern park road and what do we see but Bullwinkle!  Finally, we get to see a
moose on one of our trips.  We then checked into our Hotel (Mammoth Hot springs) where Anne
redefined her definition of camping from "Hotel Shampoo" to Hotel Room with a tub and no
shower...that's ok, we hear Steve only had a sink in his room.  We hiked up the nearby Hot Springs to
relax after a long day of riding but still the shortest distance wise!
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The next morning, we detached our trailer for the days ride....we headed east out of the park, Bullwinkle
was not there for breakfast...and out the northeast entrance to Beartooth Pass.  We continued on to Red
Lodge and then to BearGum down to Cody for lunch.  From there, headed back to Yellowstone via the
Chief Joseph Hwy.  The next morning, after a freezing night, we planned to meet our friend John
(56FLE) at 0815, we left without him...assuming he was just sleeping in...we would later catch
up with him.  We stopped at the Upper and Lower falls on this leg...Then on to Old Faithful where we
met John...We left Old Faithful and headed out West Yellowstone and took a turn to the south and into
Idaho Falls for the night...hey, there are falls there.
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Had a nice dinner at the Sandpiper where we sat on a deck alongside a small river...after a good night's
sleep, we headed out at 0630 to go to Craters of the Moon NM where I expected to be about an hour on
the loop road...We decide to take the hike to see tree mold...and we hiked...and we hiked even
further...hey, that dead tree looks moldy...Finally there!  We found it...yes, a sign that said Tree Mold!  
After spending an extra hour looking for something we didn't know what to look for we returned to the
bikes.  We then continued a little further west before taking a turn to the north and through the Sawtooth
National Recreation Area.  From there we followed the river up to Montana where we spent the night in
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In the morning, we headed out of Missoula to catch RT 12.  We crossed Lolo pass and then started on
the nice twisty road following a river for about 70 miles.  we continued west all the way to Portland
where we spent the night.  This part of the trip gave me a serious sense of completion because in 2007,
we were supposed to do the Tetons, Idaho Falls, RT 12, Yellowstone, Beartooth and Ch. Joseph by
bike but our problems in Billings prevented it from happening.  That night in Portland, we found Harry's
Tavern where they have this cool Ice channel in the bar to keep your beer cold...not that I drink slow
enuf for that to happen!  In the morning, we rode south for a few hours to get to Coos Bay before
heading north on 101.  We stopped at the Sea Lion caves...paid our $11 and saw sea lions in caves...we
also saw some outside of the cave...but not in this pic of the you might be able to tell...we
were in rain gear a good portion of this day (Sunday before the GTG).  We continued north up the coast
to Tillamook where we spent the the morning, the first order of business was the Tillamook
Cheese Factory...and Ice cream...and Steve and Anne had Ice Cream for breakfast!    We then
continued up to Haystack Rock
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On Friday after the GTG, we headed out at 0530 into the rising sun.  We made it to Ogden, UT where
we spent the night ... after a stop in Roosters Brewpub
IMG_9286 (Large).JPG (81116 bytes)
We made it to Laramie, WY on Saturday afternoon where I encountered my bike problem.  So I hopped
on Steve's bike and finished the trip to Loveland.  Loaded his bike in the trailer and headed back to
Laramie.  Loaded our bike and trailer in the trailer and we were heading east at 1730 on Saturday, 18
July.  At 1730 on Sunday we were in Maumee, OH where we called it a night...but not before visiting
Jed's BBQ and Brew Good stop for bikers!  the next morning we were
on the road before 0600, let Steve off in Albany to visit an ex and we were in our Driveway, Monday
evening at 1900.

The end of a great trip!