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2008 CVO Sedona, AZ Get-together

Phase II
9-17 MAY 2008


We left Sedona early in the morning on 9 May and headed North and then West across Route 66, to Needles, Ca and then turned north once again and made our way to Las Vegas where we spent the night

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From Vegas, we head east through the Utah National Parks and Monuments.  Stops included Zion and Bryce NP where we met up with Blair and Chris.

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After cruising through Bryce Canyon on a cold morning, we head east with a stop at the Capitol reef NP and then through an area called Escalante on our way to spend a couple of night in Moab, UT.  While in Moab, we rode through Arches and Canyonlands NPs.

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We left Moab on a cold morning and even had to ride through some snow.  We stopped at Natural Bridges National Monument, rode the Moki Dugway, stood on four states at the same time and ended the day in Durango.  From Durango, we continued east through New Mexico, Oklahoma and western Arkansas including Hot Springs and back to Joplin, MO.

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