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2008 CVO Maggie Valley Get-together
13-28 SEP 2008

Group Pic:

Riding the Dragon:
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And the rest of the pics:

We Started our trip by heading to Williamsburg where we stayed at the Ford's Colony Marriott Timeshare.  While there, we did several daytrips including heading down to Kitty Hawk where we met our friend Brian for a visit to the Wright Brothers NP and then a ride in northeast North Carolina.  We also took some rides through Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown and the Richmond Civil War Battlefields, Virginia Beach as well as visiting with family
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We the left Williamsburg on Thursday Morning and made our way to Knoxville, TN for the night.  The next morning we went to Jacksboro, TN and the Bushtec factory to pick up our new trailer.  Over the next several hours they installed the hitch on the bike and get on our way around noon.  We rode up into Kentucky where we stayed in Bowling Green for the night.
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After leaving Bowling Green, we headed west across the southern border  Along the way we saw what looked like the Washington Monument but was in fact one to Jefferson Davis.  From there we continued riding to Paducah and through the Land between the lakes, National Recreation Area and then down to Memphis where we spent a couple of nights.  While in Memphis, we partied on Beale Street with several friends, visited Graceland.  After leaving Memphis we headed east along the northern border of Mississippi and Alabama before turning north towards Nashville.  We decided to ride the last 40 miles of the Natchez Trace.  The bike was low on fuel but there was a gas station at the end of the Trace...but it had no gas!  The same was true for several more stations before we jumped in a line and filled up with Regular Unleaded adding Octane Booster.  The next six days were spent in search of a gas station.  We spent that night in Nashville and then the next in Gatlinburg.
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After leaving Gatlinburg, we met part of our CVO group at the Beautiful open-air church at Camp Greeneville in northern South Carolina.  With the group we rode the Dragon again and also made a run for our friend Val to Cashier's Condiments where our other friend Tim stocked up with a bunch of Christmas Gifts
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