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2007 CVO Get-together in the Canadian Rockies
from Sea to Shining Sea
1-29 JUL 2007

On July 1, 2007 we  started a grand tour of both the US and Canada by taking a trip to Cape Cod where we officially photographed the bike on the Atlantic Ocean.  The trip consisted of three different adventures, the first was just the two of us traveling across the country visiting National Parks reaching the west coast and the Pacific Ocean.   The second phase of the trip was the CVO Rally where we were able to re-new old friendships and establish new ones.  The last phase was the return across Canada to Niagara Falls.

Trip Totals:
9187 Miles on the Bike
33 shirts each from 31 different Harley Dealers, one Rally Shirt and one from the Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground


1-14 July 2007

The Pacific Ocean at Kalaloch Lodge in the Olympic National Park, Washington

15-22 July 2007

Somewhere in in the mountains of  British Columbia, Canada

23-29 July 2007

On the ferry crossing Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario, Canada

Our tracks from the route we followed: