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2007 CVO Rally in the Canadian Rockies
Phase III
23-29 JUL 2007

We stayed the night in Banff and in the morning, left with the two other MA riders to return home across Canada .  We made it to Regina , Saskatchewan on Monday night but it was HOT, 116 degree heat index and SK is like Kansas, flat wheat fields.  Tuesday we made it through and stayed the night in Kenora , Ontario.  Wednesday, we rode the coast of Lake Superior making it to Schreiber , ON and Thursday, we rode around Lake Ontario making it to Tobormory on Georgian Bay.  Friday, we rode to Niagara Falls where we spent the night.  Saturday, after riding around the falls area in the morning, we started home around 1pm where we finally arrived at 9:30pm .

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Feeling that we did not get enough riding in, on Sunday, Jul 29, we took a trip to Provincetown to close the loop of our Coast to Coast trip.

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In the end, we traveled 9,187 Motorcycle Miles, procured 31 HD T-Shirts plus one rally shirt and one from the Toad Rock Motorcycle campground.  Also, added four Canadian Provinces and five States that I have now ridden a motorcycle.  If we go to Sedona , AZ next May, I will be at 49 States, only needing a Fly and Ride to Alaska ..hmmmmm, maybe August 2008....