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2006 CVO Rally in the Rockies plus!
17 JUN - 2 JUL 2006

Days 14, 15 and 16, Riding from Milwaukee, WI to Home

Mark's (Grover) motor that I drooled over

Mark, Dan, Neal and Me at the Powertrain factory

Neal, Steve, Anne and Me at the HD Home Office

Saw this in Chicago...Dean, Kerry, Bob, Dan...shouldn't we be members???

Chicago...Windy City...heck no...TRAFFIC City!

Some of the best Hot wings...I finished first, Steve second, Neal last...they had beads of sweat on their heads!

The Port Huron bridge to Canada...we were stopped for hours!


It was special, there were fireworks over the falls for the Canada Day Holiday

HOME...Trip totals...except for top was about 50MPH less than listed...