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Our Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive Adventure
9-17 SEP 2005

2067.2 miles
14 Harley Shops 
7 Days and 5 hours
43:33 hrs. in the saddle
55.71 Gallons of Gas (37.11 mpg)
$183.97 for that gas ($3.30 average)

Here is the overall trip:

It included the following Parkways:
Merritt (CT)
Hutchinson River (NY)
Garden State (NJ)
Colonial (VA)
Blue Ridge (VA)

DAY 1:
Left at 0730 on Friday 9/9/05, 561 miles.
Altitude, Start: 80', end 5'

Stopped in Cape Charles for the night. Went for some some beer at the Parrot Pub, watched the sunset, then went to bed.


DAYS 2&3:
129.2 miles, visited family in Norfolk

Our Soccer Stars!

Ophelia was really kicking up the surf at VA Beach:


DAY 4:
The real vacation begins!  380 miles via the Colonial Parkway, Route 5 past plantations, a stop at the Appomattox Courthouse, out to Lynchburg and Roanoke then on the Blue ridge Parkway Heading South! Got off the Parkway and stayed the night in Hillsville, VA. Started at an elevation of 8', went as low as 13' below sea level, as high as 3478' (Rocky Knob) and ended the night at 2446'

Appomattox Courthouse:

Finally on the Blue ridge Parkway!

It was just so CROWDED!

from Groundhog Hill

DAY 5:
263 miles via Wythville up I-81 to Roanoke then back on the Blue Ridge Parkway now heading North. Started at an elevation of 2446' ended at 1317' and was as high as 3905' near Terrapin Mountain.

Peaks of Otters for lunch...great view, good food, good prices, slow service.

Riding the Blue ridge Parkway:



DAY 6:
238 miles from Waynesboro via Skyline Drive and then on to Gettysburg. Was foggy/overcast at times during the day for the first time the entire trip, but no rain. Started out at an elevation of 1317', ended at 398' and was as high as 3703' at both the Big Meadow Lodge and Skyland where we ate lunch. Good food, prices and service.

Look Carefully in the next you see what I see?

Enlarging the area of interest and yes it is a BEAR!

DAY 7:
276 miles from Gettysburg including the tour drive the up through PA and the Delaware Water Gap ending in Newburgh, NY for the night.Started out at an elevation of 398', ended at 492' and was as high as 1412' at Upper Tulpehochen Twp. where the Appalatian trail crossed the road we were on.

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour:

Gettysburg to Newburgh:

Touring the Battlefield:

This one is for my Dad:

A stop in the Delaware water Gap:

DAY 8:
220 Miles from Newburgh and on home. We had to put on our rain gear for the last 2 hours but we missed the Thunderstorms and only had a few minutes of light showers.